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In yesterday's world, it was easy for people to know who you were - they could talk to you, talk to your close friends or read something you wrote. And today? You have personalities split amongst your quips (Twitter), friends (Facebook), work (LinkedIn), searches (Google), photos (Instagram) and many more! Learn about your digital life in one place, on - we help you put the jigsaw pieces of your online world back together.
One more thing…we help you financially benefit from your data. We realized that everyone is using this data about you to make money and sometimes even without your permission. We are here to change this.
On Powr of You, every time your data is used – you get paid! We share rewards with our user community every time their data is used to generate anonymized insights for brands. Simply put, when we get paid, you get paid.
Data is the new currency. Join the movement to use your data and benefit from your digital footprint on Powr of You!
FEATURES: We've built a very lightweight tool to help you quantify your time spent on the phone. To begin with we help you understand the following:
1) Connected Time: Are you addicted to your phone? Find out how much time you're spending on your phone compared to other users.
2) App Usage: Get to know and track which apps you use the most, and which apps you're not using so they can be removed to save space.
3) Browsing Habits: See what sites you're browsing. Helps you see if you're doing too much or too little of something, e.g. too little time reading news or too much time on social media :) We've all been there. Now you can know the facts and decide if you want to change your habits
4) Dashboard: Access your dashboard on your mobile for easy access to all your personal analytics.
NOTE: our app uses very little battery. We've put extra effort and lots of hours of testing into this. There are lots of Android devices and versions so if you have any problems, please let us know at

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